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Friday, July 18, 2014

shaw wedding weekend {fayetteville, ar}

My last wedding post for a while!--sadly!  One of my best friends from HS tied the knot to a beyond fabulous guy on June 21st in Fayetteville, and I was so lucky and thankful to be apart of their wonderful wedding weekend!

I drove up Thursday morning...the bridesmaids that were there went and got their toes and nails done with Anna and her mom!  We had a blast reminiscing and sippin' on champagne!  ;)  That night we enjoyed some mexican food on the patio while enjoying the wonderful weather! 

Friday morning we were UP and at um to run errands!  That including getting the Bride a Starbucks drink!  (Let's just say...the barrista got to know my name by the time the weekend was over!)
Beautiful bride with my new friend Liz at the Bridesmaid Luncheon at Mermaids!--she flew in from Seattle for the wedding weekend!  Sweetheart beyond sweethearts, and so thankful to have gotten to finally meet and hang out with her! 
After rehearsal we had some downtime before dinner started! [LIZ, ME, FIONA]

 Beautiful Bride and handsome Groom!
 Dinner was at Hog Haus on Dickson, which is always fun!  The weather was great--we later went to a roof top bar to enjoy some more company and watch the amazing lightening show that was going on before heading home to get ready for the BIG DAY!

This girl was UP and ready to go bright an early!  A walk around the neighborhood at 6 am, a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte and a few Red Bulls...and she was good to go!! ;) :P 

Bo did such an amazing job on her hair and make-up!  He also made the experience so fun for the rest of us!  Off to the venue! 

Getting ready for the first look!  =)

They were right outside the front doors of the church...doing a little peeking! ;) 
 ...and there they are after their first look!  (I knew I probably wouldn't have time to get another picture of the two of them!)

Aren't they the most beautiful Mother-Daughter duo you've ever seen?!  LOVE them both! 
The table and cake matched her dress! ;) 
Their signature strawberry wine--from a winery they visited when they got engaged!  
This cake was a cookie in a couple different layers!  They served it with milk! ;) 
 Love this! 
Rick's cakes do not need an explanation...sadly right after this picture "FANCY" by Iggy came on...and off to the dance floor I went...never to return.  :(  I didn't even realize I didn't finish my cake until the night was over...sad day, but I guess I was just having too much fun on the dance floor with my friends! ;)  

 This describes the Bride perfectly! 
Father/Daughter dance with SIL/MIL at the same time! 
It was a beautiful wedding weekend spent with life long friends!  I'm so happy for Anna and Robert and the life that they have officially started together!  Sunday morning rolled around...and back home I went!
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  1. What a beautiful wedding! The bride's dress was stunning. She looked amazing. So glad you could be part of it, looks like a wonderful weekend!


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