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Thursday, July 10, 2014

fourth fun!

I know I'm all sorts of our of order...but that's okay!  

We had a pretty chill fourth...R has his last day of swimming lessons in the morning, we took a nice nap after eating lunch and then it was time for the friends to come over!  
 I loved this picture I got of the American Flag hanging and the beautiful light coming into the pool.  
All the kids got to jump off the diving board to their teacher and then swim to the side of the pool since it was the last day!  R loved it and did really good (after we told him to jump OUT, away from the board)!!!

I honestly don't have one pictures of lunch with the fam.  The kids all played in the water in the driveway all afternoon...with 7 cousins running around, I rarely see or hear from R until they leave!  Ha!
We've never gone to the CC to watch FW or anything...we've just always done our own at home, and R didn't know he was missing out on anything.  Well, this year we got brave and made out way out to the CC.  It wasn't bad at first, but we were reminded as to why we avoid that area!  Talk about anxiety for this Mama...I just don't do crowds of people well.
He collected these balls and tees from the range while we patiently waited for the sun to go down!
MacKenzie came to visit us!
Beautiful night!
The ice cream truck drove thru while we were waiting...and you better believe I chased that thing down to get my baby an ice cream!

The fireworks were great and R loved that they "came and then disappeared"!  We left a little before they were over to avoid the crowds....best idea we've had!

R did realize the day after that we didn't do our "own fireworks".  Mom of the year award I know....he cried, but quickly got over it with a trip to the park and ice cream.
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