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Thursday, February 5, 2009

GOOD day!

Today @ work...Clay & I both got our own DESKS & COMPUTERS!!!  Not to mention e mail accounts!  =)  How EXCITING!!  For those of you who don't know...Clay lives with the Coopers across the street & works for Mr. Jamie when he's not in class.  We actually sit RIGHT next to each other!  Now I can finally sit @ my OWN desk, and not have to steal Ms. Teri's computer, while keeping her away from the work she needs to be doing!  It might be a LITTLE too soon to take in a few picture frames etc. but maybe I can do that after this weekend!  ;)

Casey & Clay came over for dinner tonight.  It was a "Thank You" dinner for helping us move Papa John out of his nursing home/apartment since he is in rehab now, and won't be going back to that place.  They had to help us, cause Dad is still unable to lift heavy things.  We had DELICIOUS chicken shish kebabs, green beans, garlic bread, baked potatoes & brownies & ice cream for dessert!  

After dinner I headed over to the Cooper's w/ Casey & Clay to play a few games of Wii.  Let's just say, you can tell I don't play every night like those boys do!  I told them I would play Wii, only if they would play a few games of Catch Phrase with me.  They agreed.  Hannah was there, so we were on a team, and the boys were on a team.  It took them a while to get the hang of things, but then it turned out to be ALOT of fun!  We played best out of three, and I had to say it, but the boys beat us in the last few minutes.

I kinda got to start thinking today that I need to quit telling myself that I can eat whatever I want b/c I'm pregnant.  That should NOT be the case!  Ha...even when I kinda suck in now...I still have a lil BULDGE there.  HA!  Oh lil Ryder...or Addison, or Blakleigh is my new favorite for a sweet lil girl.  

I never thought I would be having emergency bathroom trips THIS early.  But I am!  Even if it's just a lil drizzle...it feels like I have been holding it for an hour, just ALL of a sudden!  & then...it's gone!  Good thing we have two bathrooms @ the office!  

I am so ready for warmer weather.  Everyone knows I hate the cold weather.  But I am kinda worried a/b my skin color.  Now is the time when you are white, and hit the tanning bed, JUST a lil bit to jump start your summer tan.  Yeah...not me.  Too bad.  & how am I going to get some good sun time in working nine to four?  WHO KNOWS?  I will resort to spray tan if I have to.  That leaves me with Saturdays & Sunday to HIT THE POOL!!

Terrible me...I have not watched Private Practice from last week, OR tonights.  Haven't watched Lost from last week, or THIS week.  And America's Best Dance Crew also came on tonight that I need to watch.  & it's THURSDAY and I still haven't watched The Bachelor from MOnDAY!!  I guess this is what happens when you work all day, and just want to come home & CRASH!  I must....must MUST catch up on my shows this weekend before next week!

It's late, and the eyelids are starting to hurt.

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