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Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Weekend...

After work on Friday, Jake & I went & saw a movie (Ryder/Addison/Blakleigh's first!!).  I happened to fall asleep in the middle of it, which is no surprise.  I tried to clean my room the rest of the night, and made a LITTLE bit of progress, but not much.

Saturday was a lazy day.  Kelly, Abbey & I had Fuji for dinner, and it was SO crowded, and we saw SO many people we knew!  We had a great time though!  Can't go wrong w/ Fuji!  I actually ate my leftovers for dinner tonight!  After Fuji went went & played a lil Catch Phrase with Casey, Clay & Mr. Jamie.  Umm...and the girls-->DOMINATED!  It was fun though, my blonde roots come out in that game!

I worked in the nursery this morning, had a few more kids than I did last week, but it went fine.  Some of those poor kids I can't understand a WORD they are saying!   They all have their own lil language!  But it's fun!

Jake said my car needed to be washed/waxed...so I went & dropped it off @ the firehouse, and got his for the afternoon.  The fam tried the new mexican restaurant across from the High School today for lunch.  It wasn't my favorite, but mom and G like it cause they have shrimp nachos and seafood nachos.  Nothing can compare to Los Amigos for me though!  

After a nice long afternoon nap, I took Jake back his truck, and some Taco Bell!  Dad & I have been watched the Grammy's every since I got home!  The performances weren't any where near GREAT, like I thought they would be.  Oh well...& FYI--Katy Perry CANNOT dance, seriously.  It was BAD BAD!  She would kinda try, and that was worse than not dancing @ all!  She should leave it to her back up girls!  Ha!

Second full week of work tomorrow!  YIPPEE!!

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  1. when i read these, i laugh out loud. mainly because i can picture you saying EVERY bit of this and can see your facial expressions and what your hands would be doing.

    i love you and i'm glad i saw you this weekend!


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