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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Birthday Weekend!!

Friday morning (mom's birthday) we found out she had the flu. Luckily I had gotten my flu shot, but dad & g hadn't, so we had to get them some prevention medicine. Tonya, Uncle Sam & Aunt Kathy were coming in to stay with us, and they still made it, but didn't stay with us to stay away from the virus! We still had "birthday dinner" without the birthday girl at Mike's. I swear I ate probably 5 rolls at the table, they are just SO good! & I took home a whole box full and ate them this weekend!

Saturday Morgan and I got our hair cut & had lunch together! I was glad she was in town for the weekend!! I took a nap, and then got ready for Jake's birthday celebration! Us, and about 14 other people went to Razorback Pizza in Maumelle & then Millinium Bowl, and just had SO SO much fun! I have been trying to do good by drinking water, but sometimes it just gets old, and I want to spice it up a lil. Tonya taught me on Friday night the whole lemon & sweet'n low thing! OH-- & NOW I'M OBSESSED!! My boyfriend thinks it's just something new to be high maintenance about...but oh well!

Jake & I @ Razorback Pizza! YUMMMMMMY!!!

Jennifer & I @ the bowling ally! My hair doesn't look so good in this pic, but she's the one that cuts it for me! LOVE her!

Jake & I bowling...I beat all the girls & he beat all the guys!

Jake & I went to church this morning, then I went & kept the nursery. I had lunch at Mama D's with Morgan & Josh before they left to go back to Fay. We had super good chicken-cordon bleu. Then I came home, finished watching Private Practice from this week, and took a nap till dinner. Family birthday for Jake & his dad & Michaelanglo's & six. We had alot of fun, and & I have had a BUSY BUSY weekend!!

Jake & I at the family birthday!

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