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Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Week...I KNOW!

I never actually thought I would go almost a WHOLE week without blogging!!  I tried to do better on my Quiet Time this week, and when I did that...by the time I got a/r to blogging, I was just TOO tired!!  I guess you can't complain a/b that though huh?

This week was a good one thought.  Tuesday night I went to Jake's parents house for Granny Jones' birthday.  It was so great to see everybody & of course sweet little Hannah Grace.  We both had a really good time!

Wednesday night I made dinner for the family.  I browned some hamburger meat, chopped up some onions, tomatoes, and broke up some lettuce, and we had taco salad.  I chose to have little soft tacos though.  We had JUST enough left over for me to take to work for lunch on Thursday.

Since Jake had to work tonight, we celebrated Valentine's Day last night.  We went out to eat with his parents at Doe's Eat Place here in town.  It was my second time to go, and this experience was a whole lot better than the first! 

Oh yeah!  A little drama I forgot a/b!  So yesterday when I got off work, I called Jake like normal...and he just wasn't talking very much, being real boring.  Then he said..."Did you get anything @ work today?"  & I said, "Oh yeah!  My paycheck?!?"  He responded with, "No...you didn't get anything else at work today?"  And then it finally hit me where he was getting.  Sweet baby Jake had ordered me an Edible Arrangement on MONDAY to be delivered to the office on Friday.  Come to find out...the guy told Jake, "They were just so swamped that day...and they just never got a/r to it."  Well, I don't think I have to say, but Jake was NOT a happy camper, and STILL isn't!  Ha...he is going to talk to the guy (who is the OWNER!) Monday morning!  That was just so sweet of Jake to do that for me, and so thoughtful, and he did it on MONDAY, that makes it even SWEETER!!  He didn't even wait till the last minute!  So...I guess I'll have a pretty Editable Arrangement sometime next week!  HA!  

After dinner last night, Jake & I were going to make chocolate covered strawberries, (since I didn't get any!) but Kroger was COMPLETELY out of strawberries, and almond bark.  We opted for bananas instead, but that just turned out to be a disaster!  We watched Fireproof, and it was SO SO good!  And I'm glad we got to watch it TOGETHER!

Today I got up & made some vanilla funfetti Valentine cupcakes for Jake.  His favorite is strawberry, and that is what I thought I had bought, but oh well...it's the thought that counts!  I took two plates to the firehouse for him and the other guys.

Aunt Kathy & I went out to dinner tonight @ Brick Oven.  We had a good talk!  She got me some chocolate covered strawberries today too!  We came home and ate a few of those, and now we're watching CSI!  


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