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Monday, February 16, 2009

13 weeks!

This WAS me @ week 12. I felt ever so big that day, and I look at week 13, and think, "Oh, maybe I wasn't as big as I thought, or FELT!"
Today marks week 13. The last week in the First Trimester, which means morning sickness should pretty much be DUN-ZO after this!!

When I found out something as big as a PEACH was growing inside of me, it kinda made me step back & think WOW! Something really is GROWING in there...and it REALLY is getting bigger & bigger! I'm excited, but to think something really is GROWING 24 hours a day inside there!!!
Well, I only feel & look big on certain days of the week, so that is when I take my picture to get the most out of it.

Work went well today. Mom brought me lunch since she was off for President's Day. By the time I ate & she left...it was almost four!!

Oh the BACHELOR tonight!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!! Me & mom SCREAMED when he let Jillian go! I could not believe it. I already had in my mind that she was going to be the one, and Melissa was going to be the runner up & be the next Bachelorette!!! And now that it's Melissa, and Molly...he BETTER pick Melissa, or I'm boycotting the show..FOREVER!

Well...I didn't plan on staying up this late, but new friends w/ new pictures on facebook will do that to you!

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  1. 1. you were stressing me out with not updating.
    2. i can't believe baby is the size of a peach, that's so big!!
    3. i'm ready for august 30.
    4. i love you


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