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Monday, February 9, 2009

12 weeks (3 months) TODAY!

Sweet lil baby inside me is now weighing about 1/2 an ounce, and 2 1/2 inches long, a/b the size of a fresh plum! It's digestive system is starting to work on its own so that it will be able to eat, and it's bone marrow is producing white blood cells so it will be able to fight away BAD GERMS!!

Here's a lil comparison for ya! Too bad I don't have any pics of my belly, but today...seriously, at work & dinner, I felt the POOCH. I wish it would hurry up & look like the PREGNANT pooch & not just a lil EXTRA BELLY!!!

Tonight was a girl's night for Naynee, Karleigh, my mom & I. Naynee had to do some shoppping @ Belk & mom & I joined her after we got off work. I bought one just plan red tee (but cute) that I did go ahead & buy in Large, cause I wanted to be able & wear it most of the summer. I think I'm gonna go back & try & get a few more colors, they were just too cheap, and too perfect just for me to have to wear this summer! & they were OH SO SOFT!! We had dinner @ Ruby Tuesday's. I just got the Garden Bar, and I learned things you remember being SOOO great, aren't always as good as you remember the second time around! It was alright though, I LOVE the marinated cold green beans!

Mom & I watched the Bachelor when we got home! AHHHH!! I am getting so nervous for the girls, and for Jason! If I could pick for Jason, I would pick......MELISSA!

The fact that he didn't get to meet her parents tonight kinda worries me. Yes, she is VERY young, but she has the SWEETEST heart, and deserves a good man like Jason! It's time for her to get it right when the man in her life!

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