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Friday, February 27, 2009

I apologize..

Every week I have great intentions of my blog for that week...but as you can tell, it hardly ever gets done. I am so sorry....not only to ya'll but myself.

This week was BUSY BUSY!


MONDAY-G has his first baseball game & varsity played first so we got out there bout 430 and if you don't remember it was FREEEEEEZING! Well...G's game started a/r....uhh let's see--830. YEAH!! I only stayed to watch him bat once, b/c I was WAY past freezing. He ended up hitting a double, and scoring the game-winning point!!

TUESDAY-I was supposed to go to bible study with my mom...but my throat was KILLING me, so I slept through it.

WEDNESDAY-Jake & I had dinner at probably my FAVORITE place...Los Amigos!! Then we went to New Life for some couple/pre-martial counseling. It went SO SO SO well...Jake & I both wanted to go back the NEXT day!!! He knew so much about us & our relationship already it was kinda scary...but I guess that's just how every couple it. He made me want to go buy the 5 love languages...and I got it tonight at CBO!!! Like I need ONE more book to read right now!

THURSDAY-Went to talk with a pregnancy counselor lady in Little Rock which also went VERY VERY well. It's someone who doesn't know my past, or anything really going on, that ISN'T emotionally involved. I'm not exactly how she is going to help me, but we'll see how the future meetings go! When I got home, I got some chick, and went & ate it at the firehouse with Jake, and watched KRIS ALLEN MAKE IT TO THE TOP TWELVE ON AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! I had never ever watched the show until last night, so that was exciting! It's cool to see signs around town, and cars all chalked up rootin for him! I wanted to take some pictures, but my camera wasn't in the car.

FRIDAY-VERY VERY slow day at work, but I guess I got alot done. My parents left for Branson this afternoon. Jake & I did a lil shopping, Old Navy, CBO, Staples, & Target. Come to find out I had a Target card with over 50 dollars on it I found in my car today, that I ALMOST threw away!!! So everything I got at Target I guess you could say I pretty much got for free! Ha! We grabbed some Quizno's on our way home...watched a few SuperNanny episodes, and we were both pretty much asleep before we realized it! Jake headed home, and I hit the shower so I could get in bed at a decent hour!

TOMORROW-ARKADELPHIA bound!!! For the Miss OBU pageant! I'm so ready to see everybody!!!! Details & pictures later of course!


  1. this baby is making you have bad spelling

  2. oh well...i don't have time to double ck. ha...& you just know me!!!


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