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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So...just a few memories I want to document of R's first week at school!

Day 2 I got to take him & he just walked right in & started playing with his friends!  I had to go find him to even get a kiss & hug good bye.  I had a productive day at home getting things in order & ready for the "real" school year to start...& not stop!  I start back to class tomorrow & it'll be crazy from now until Christmas break I'm sure!  But it's gonna be a great semester...I can already tell!  =)

I went to get him yesterday & Mimi followed out there so that I could show her around & she would know where to drop him off this morning.  He was happy to see both of us, & luckily his caterpillar was on green so he got to get another sticker & a treat from the candy jar.  We were told that he has pushed two kids that morning & had gotten pushed down to yellow, but apparently redeemed himself & got bumped back up to green!  :P  He went home with Mimi last night & spent the night with them.  I am so thankful for Mimi taking him to school for me on Wednesdays because I'm unable to with my schedule.  

Drop off went great this am with Mimi & I'm so thankful for this!  I was antsy to go get him all day & finally went & got him around 3:30.  He was outside playing with a group of kids, & on our way in he named off everyone we passed.  This made me happy & impressed that he was already learning all the other kids' names!  I can tell he is getting used to the routine & thriving really well from it and the environment as a whole.

One thing I'm not the biggest fan of....Ryder says his "R"s correctly & I guess some kids there don't (which is fiiiine...), but NOW...Ryder is saying things wrong because he has heard them wrong all day!  Like sticke-eul, instead of stick-ER!  Ahhh...& poor thing they all call him "Wy-dul" Oh my word!  So, we are working on this!  It is kinda funny, but not really!  :P

He has been taking great naps at school (from 1-3) which makes me proud.

Nothing too special tonight...just a few things I want to remember!


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