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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Few Ryder Stories

R started waking up last week telling me to get up because it was time to go to Snuggle Bug!  It made me so happy!  I took him to school on Thursday & knew my mom would be picking him up because I had class till later than they are opened, but luckily my teacher said we would always get out early, so that made me happy!

We had a parent meeting Thursday night & Ms. Carol told everybody a story about what Ryder had said that day.  He had told her he needed to go to the bathroom & she said, "Do you want to stand up or sit down?" Ryder replied with, "Sit down...standing up don't work when you have to go poo-p**!"  Haha!  Smart lil kid I tell ya!  :P

He got to go to gymnastics on Friday, like they will every Friday.  This is so nice to me because instead of it taking up a night during the week, he gets to go during the day with all his friends!

I was sad to see that when I got to school on Friday his caterpillar was on red.  :(  I asked what happened, and apparently he had pushed a kid during gymnastics & was taking toys from kids & running away instead of using his words.  It didn't seem to bother him too much, but I want it to get to the point where it does.  I'm not sure how to handle this at home, because sometimes the things he did were hourrrrrrs before & I don't know if he'll understand why I'm discipling him.  Hummm...

He stayed the night at his Dad's on Friday night & they had a big'ole time.  THey went swimming at a friends & R got to ride his motorized four wheeler with Ainsley & her motorized truck!  I bet that was a sight to see!  Saturday they go up & went & had breakfast at the Wagon Wheel & then went to an auction...man stuff!  I was glad to get my lil man back though!  =)

On our way to church this morning, Ryder said, "Mom...I have hair on my legs."  He said it as though he was SOO surprised!  I was like yes baby you do...It was just funny because I think he honestly JUST noticed!  He told me he was going to tell his friends at church that he has hair on his legs.  TOO funny!  Love him!


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