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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Project 365...Week 30

{July 22}
 I've said it before & I'll say it again...nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!  This was after he spend the day with his dad out at Mimi & Pawpaw's house!

{July 23}
 We love gymnastics!  His friend Jordyn!

{July 24}
Mimi got R this bike at a garage sale & it has been a HIT!  The tricycle was getting a bit too small so this has been perfect!

 {July 25}
 We went out to Freckle Face Farm for a few days & had fun with all the cousins!  We made our way around the farm one night while it wasn't too hott out!  R loved all the cows, chickens & pigs!  {More pics to come}

{July 26}
 & look what lil mister found out at the farm--he knew exactly what to do with it!

{July 27}
 R got his first icee at Target while school supply shopping!  He loved it!  He has gotten to be so, so SO good while we are out & about...he walks right beside me & keeps me having to get on to him to the minimal!  It makes me so proud!

{July 28}
We only have on TV in our house...that's how it was for me growing up & it's how I plan on it being with R growing up {unless he has like a playroom/game room later on}, but with the Olympics on how ever many hours a day, being selfish, I knew I couldn't miss it because we were watching Blue Clue's & Yo Gabba Gabba all night!  Ha!  So I pulled this old TV out of a closet & plugged in in for R in the extra room!  It has been a HUGE hit & it may or may not stay there after the Olympics!  :P


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