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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just a few things crazy boy has been doing/saying lately that I want to remember!  =)

  • We were in our bathroom one day & I said something along the lines of a "bathroom" & he said, "This isn't a restroom is it?"  & I said, "Yes honey it is...restroom & bathrooms are the same thing...but people may call them different things."  He said, "No they're not...restrooms are like at Target, & bathrooms are like at  our house."  Well...come to think of it two year old--your EXACTLY right!  
  • I had a homework assignment due one night, & he wanted me to watch TV with him & I just nicely told him, "Let mommy finish her homework so that I can be a teacher okay?"  He just started to cry & said, "I don't want you to be a teacherrrrr!  I want you to be a Mommmmmy!!" I told him that I could be both a mommy & a teacher & he was perfectly okay with that!  ;)
  • When we go to Target & Kroger, he always wants the big go carts that have the trucks on the end, of the ones with little plastic seats connected to the part you push...I always have to tell him those are for mommies with two babies & I only have one baby so I don't want to take up one if someone else needs it.  He just looked at me & said, "Do you want two babies?"  & I told him, "That yes, one day I would like to have two babies..."  So..for the rest of our shopping trip at Target, he told everyone we saw that I wanted to have two babies.  Quite embarrassing.  
  • I don't particularly like him to use the word "hate" but the other night he used it & I didn't get on to him!  :P  He told me that he HATED mosquito bites!  I told him that that was okay, because I do too!  ;)
  • He has a little kick board that he loved to play with in the swimming pool.  He kept calling it his "list" the day we got it & I didn't quite understand why...but sometimes as a parent, you just have to go with it until you figure out what their talking about!  Finally..it hit me!  He was calling it his "list" because it looked like the ten commandments--pretty much a "list"!  Ha!
  • When we went & got his hair cut last week, he was telling Ms. Jennifer what tool she needed to use next on his hair & how to use it (the little razor/thiner thing...& the electric razor on his neck, & when he needed to hold the mirror etc.) & he was actually RIGHT!  I was DYING!  
Needless to say...I have a lot to learn from my sweet boy & he is seriously ALWAYS keeping me on my toes!!--BUT...I LOVE IT!  =)



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