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Monday, October 4, 2010

My lil Razorback

So...we aren't like HUGE Hog fans over here...but secrectly I wish we were.  But what else is there to have spirit about in the state of Arkansas?  :P  I got Punkin this lil jumpsuit for his birthday...it was TOO cute not to buy!  I bought it for my crazy Hog friends...Kyle Clem & Anna (mainly her dad Mr. Mark)!!  :P  So...you better enjoy it!  The rest he'll wear will be from ya'll!
The weather here needs to MAKE.UP.ITS.MIND!!  In the mornings I should wear long sleeves & boots, but by the mid afternoon I'm wishing I hadn't dressed so warm!  AHH!!  & 80's later this week?  Seriously?
We had lunch with Pops today @ Panera!  YAAAH!  I got Punkin an all organic grill cheese & he did not touch it.  But I did...I ate it for him.  :P  We ran some errands & ending up finding some cute fall stuff for me @ TJ Maxx.  He was so good while I shopped, tried on a few things & strolled around the store!  I am so blessed.  It felt good to do something for ME, and spend money on ME for a change.  That sounds terrible, but mommies need that sometimes!
I totally should be blogging, but I can't help it.  This week is gonna be a crazy one.  I'm making cake pops for my first so called "customer" & have a HUGE Earth Science test Thursday along with a book report due the.same.day. & I'm only on chapter 2.  :/  Bad student I know...but I'm just too busy trying to be a "good" mommy.  


  1. I absolutely love his Razorback outfit!!!!!!!!!!! That makes my week!!!!! Oh my goodness! I am so happy! He looks so natural in razorback red!!!

  2. PS- This is kyle! i dont know why it says I am "test" lol i am logged in and everything! Nevertheless, did i say i was in love with crazy boy's outfit?!?


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