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Friday, October 22, 2010

Tiger Tunes

Something I look forward to almost more than my birthday & Christmas is Tiger Tunes.  I went last night & am going again tomorrow night!  It was a GREAT first night!  I forgot to get a picture with my wonderful "date", Josh, but I was so glad he ended up going with me, and his girlfriend let me borrow him for the night!  :P
Campus Ministries were Inmates & I met up with Ramsi before the show!  Their show was fun, I loved the handcuffs & the music!!
My lil White House Secretary!  She won those glasses for making the best faces!  :P  So proud!  Their show was a lot of fun!  "Have you cleaned up the gulf?  YES!  Have you bailed out banks?  YES!  Have you read the Healthcare bill?  NO!"  HAHA!  I'm proud of Kristen for all her hard work!
& my lil lady from "Ring by Spring"  I got to watch a run through of the EEE show before the real show & cried on the first song!  AHH...CHILLS!!!  It was that good!  They went on to win choreography & music for the night which I am SO proud of!  It was a GREAT theme that probably only people at Ouachita can get, but they took a different route with their theme & it turned out great & SOOO cute.  Again...the music was AWE.SOME...for what little I know about music!  HA!  :P
{This is from my iPhone} We crashed after tunes @ Allie's...but it's always great to catch up with her on EVERTHING in life!  
I was lucky my mom kept Ryder for me so I could get away for the night...she's at Tunes tonight, so I hope it's just a great as it was last night!  I am ready to go back!  =)

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