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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Punkin's Pumpkin!

While shopping in the fresh produce section at Wal Mart I saw some little packages of pumpkins & knew I had to have them for Ryder to play with, & then could decorate with them around the house.  I LOVED them when we got home!  We are currently missing one that I know where he put!  I'm sure I'll smell it rotting & have to find it...
I'm not sure what I think about my photo editing skills...I just did this is iPhoto SUPER fast...b/c they were WAY over exposed.  BTW.  I'm at my parent's blogging because, yes, my computer's still full.  I can't even make a new bookmark on Safari.  : /
He would set them on the chair, look at me, touch them, look at me...then pick them up again & run off! He was having too much fun!

We played outside today for about an hour after running errands before going to pick up Drue from school.  He does NOT mind me when we are playing outside!  & we need a fence...PRONTO!
I bought the shirt he's wearing b/c it says "Rider" on it!  How fun right?  He had a onesie this summer that said "Wave Rider" on it & had a big number 9 on it...which was SO appropriate for HIM!
He got stuck in this table later this afternoon...it was TOO funny!  The kid figures out how to get IN there, but can't figure out how to get OUT!  By the time I got the camera he was crying, but then figured out how to get out!  He is SUCH a hoot!  :P
My happy boy after getting outta there! 

I should so totally be studying...but I'm kinda over it.  I shouldn't be...but I am!  :P

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