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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Carving Pumpkins!

I can't say I recall ever carving a pumpkin...even though my mom says we did growing up!  Ha!  Like boring Jack-O-Lanterns!  :P  HAHA!  I bought a pumpkin for me & one for Ryder to carve.  Nick tweeted that he felt childish for wanting to carve a pumpkin...so I told him to come on over, & that I had pumpkin for him & everything!!  He brought Stoby's & we had a night of adventure!  Good thing he knew what he was doing because I would have FAILED if I would have had to do it alone!
Ryder's was up for a little bit after Nick got there & wanted to compare his lil pumpkin to our big ones!  
I was so glad I had bought a carving kit set too because all those tools sure did come in handy!!  I saved them so I won't have to buy another set next year!
With my finished product....skull & cross bones!  It looked the funnest so that's what I went with (& for my friend Dell who LOVES all things skull & cross bones!)
Nicks was WAY easier than mine & took him like .2 seconds!!  HA!

We took them out on the porch & put some tea light candles in them & let them shine to all that drove by!  As soon as we were done we both wanted to go buy more pumpkins to carve!  HA!!  So much fun, thanks for joining me in carving pumpkins Nick!

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