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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking Punkin to the Pumpkin Patch...F.A.I.L.

So...the trip to the Pumpkin Patch wasn't all I thought it was gonna be.  First mistake-going on a Saturday when EVERYONE else & their grandma were there!  It was also almost too hott to be out there, & once again..OVER dressed!  It was Punkin's nap time & it was just all.bad.

These are the ONLY decent pictures I got.  All he wanted to do was RUN around, it was CRAZY!  I loved all the different kinds of pumpkins they had, but didn't even have time to think about picking one out & buying it!  The line for the hay ride was beYOND ridiculous, so we peaced out soon.  I took us longer to drive there, than we were actually there! HA!  We might try & go back later this week!  :P

Look @ all those "warts!"  HA!  Punkin did not care one single thing bout any of the pumpkins.  :/

This is about as good as it got!  I was so thankful that Amy go up & went with us on her ONE day to sleep in!  I wouldn't have lasted the 15 minutes I did if she hadn't have been there! :P  There aren't many things I "can't handle" by myself...but this was one of them.  Maybe it was just my cranky/teething/rambunctious lil boy!  :P

He took a GREAT nap after we got home!  I did laundry & picked up around the house while Amy watched the game.  I try to care, but I just don't.  I am worn OUT from not really doing anything! HA!  No...Ryder has been a different baby the last few days.  His poor teeth are trying to break through, and I am just trying to comfort him & help him get through the  pain.  :(  It saddens me to know he's hurting...hopefully it will be over with soon!


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  1. I love these pictures! In that first one it looks like he owns the pumpkin patch! haha love it!



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