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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween @ Pop's Bank

Friday everybody at my dad's bank dressed up in movie character costumes for Halloween.  I knew we couldn't miss this!  I dressed Punkin' up in his costume to go see Pops & Ms. Brenda (dad's secretary) dressed up as Shrek & Fiona!
I wasn't sure how Ryder was going to react to seeing his Pops like this, but he knew right who it was & ran right to him!  He wasn't a fan of Pop's "ears" though!  :P
I thought they did a great job with their costumes!  The whole bank looks GREAT honestly!  Next door was Willy Wonka & one of his Oompa Loompas, Snow White & the seven dwarfs were all upstairs including Prince Charming, Mirror Mirror on the wall & the Wicked Witch!  They put alot of thought & effort into everything...it turned out GREAT!

This "deer" was part of the enchanted forrest that Snow White lived in, & Ryder LOVED it!  He wouldn't leave that thing alone!
He also loved all the ladies in the office upstairs & didn't want to leave them!  "Sneezy" kept sneezing & Ryder kept imitating her!  It was TOO funny!  He is totally into making noises that other people or things make now...so this was perfect!  He is such a hoot!

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