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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday Afternoon on the River...

Our extended family tries to get together at least once a month to celebrate that month's birthdays.  I think we have one or MORE in just about EVERY month!  It's GREAT to see everyone and just catch up on each other's lives & just enjoy being together.  Our lives are all so busy & crazy, it's great when we are all there!  This Sunday we celebrated my cousin Carson's birthday!  She's the only one in October!

Since all the kids were there for once (we're usually missing Ryder or Garrett from hunting or something) we took some pictures outside for Nana & Papaw.  
These are all of Ryder's second cousins!!  (minus me & Uncle G!)  How fun! WE NEED SOME MORE GIIIIIRLS!!
Pops took Punkin down to the River, but you had to hold on to his hand at his EVERY move.  It's scary down there because he has no idea how dangerous it is, but he was good & minded us well!
This pictures not great, but it's as good as I was gonna get!  This shows our relationship so well (even though he REALLY does love me!)  He just had bigger & better things to look at!  HA!
Aidan was putting his shoes back on & of course Ryder reached down to give him a hug!  It was too sweet!  I hope he stays sweet like this for a while!  =)

Punkin hadn't had a nap all day, and after eating TOO.MUCH cake from Naynee he slept the whole way home & so did me and Uncle G!

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