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Friday, October 15, 2010

...i shall return

-I am back in business!
-I took ZERO pictures this week.  Sad, I know.
-I have MISSED blogging SO much!
-I had a big World History test TUesday that is finally OVER with, so I could breath the rest of the week.
-Next week I only have one day of class because of FALL BREAK!!
-Then I get to go to Tiger Tunes...something I look forward too every year almost more than Christmas & my birthday!
-I finally entered the iPhone world.  Mike B. finally broke down & bought his children iPhones.  My dad is the type of person that "if everyone has one" then he won't.  Until now.  Garrett had a guest speaker in class one day & asked how many people had internet on their phones.  Garrett was the only one that didn't raise his hand.  My dad said, "Sadly, I feel peer pressure & am 48 years old".  HA!  Garrett "lost" his & so dad caved & got them for us!  THANK YOU POPS! =)
-Ryder loves my phone...he already knows how to scroll across pictures on the screen!
-He has been acting so weird the last few days.  I HOPE it's just teething.  He screams ALL.THE.TIME & NOTHING makes him happy.
-This weekend's my roomie's BIRTHDAY!
-I hope I pass all my classes this semester!  :P  WOOPSIE!  (half way joking, half way not!)
-Monday night, I stayed up ALL.NIGHT.  No, I didn't get like 1 or 2 hours of sleep...I stayed up ALL.NIGHT.  I went to class all day, cooked my rents dinner that night, & finally crashed around 8.  Almost 36 hours of wakefulness.
-This weather has been INSANE!  It's chilly in the mornings, & then BURNING hot by noon.
-That's all my ramblings for tonight...pictures soon!


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