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Saturday, September 20, 2014

New Victoria Secret Workout Clothes

This is a sponsored post.  I received these products complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes and review as part of a contest.  If you are interesting in joining this wonderful "Word Of Mouth" marketing company please leave a comment below with your e-mail attached and I will be happy to invite you!

Victoria Secret just recently came out with a new workout line titled VSX.  I was so excited when I found out I had been chosen to recieve the #VSVoxBox, which included a sports bra ($52 value) and a pair of bottoms ($62 value) for testing purposes.

I knew VS had high quality products and this line is no different.  The quality of the fabrics that were chosen to makes these products are top of the line!  I couldn't get the pants on fast enough to try them out--even though I did trade my grey pants in for solid black!  I was very thankful the in-store exchange was quick and simple, even without a receipt! 
I wasn't sure about the padding being this hardcore in a sports bra...but I was willing to try it out!

Today I wore both the "Incredible" sports bra and "Knockout" capris to yoga...outside and let's just say that was interesting in itself!  Considering it was 80 degrees out there in the middle of September!

The Body-Wick feature is probably my favorite feature out the sports bra.  It definitely soaked in my perspiration, which is exactly what I want my sports bra to do while I'm being active!  I stayed cool and dry the entire time!

I also noticed there were some areas that were mesh, which allowed an enjoyable breeze to move through at times, which was especially nice being out in the hot sun.

Overall I like the bra...even though the padding and cushioned wiring in the middle are a bit much for me and what I need/desire during a workout.  But I know most people probably wouldn't be bothered by this!

The "Knockout" capris are super comfortable and easy to move around in.  I feel comfortable in wearing them to workout as well as wearing them around town to run errands.  I will note that the seam is not on the SIDE of the leg.  It is more towards the back of the leg which I didn't like at first.  BUT the seam is very soft and smooth and didn't bother me at all today during my yoga practice.

Both of these items come in multiple prints and color to choose from--which makes things so fun!!  There are also different sports bra styles to chose from depending on your need for body type and your choice of activity. I am anxious to try a few different styles without so much padding!

Ending Sunday, September 22 you can recieve 25% off ONE VSX item using the discount code "4018".  

I also saw they are offering Free Shipping with a sports bra purchase using code SHOPBRAS as well as a free panty using code FREEPANTY.

I am unaware of whether all three codes will work together or not.

So...you better get to shopping! :)

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