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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

our labor day weekend

Now that we have all had a week and a few days to recover from the three day weekend, I can breath! ;)  

Pooh asked us to come up to the lake with her for the weekend...even though it was Thursday night at like 11:30 PM, we said YES!!  and I'm so glad that we did!  =)

Traffic...on the Friday before Labor Day!  GEEZ!
As a thank you for always letting us come stay...I picked up some Maggie's Cookies.  You can't go wrong there! :P

Here are some flashbacks of R at the lake before we get to this year!

[2011-1.5 years old]

[2012-2.5 years old]

[2013-3.5 years old]

We are so blessed to have been able to go at least once a summer to have fun on Pawpa Rick's boat--and I hope the tradition continues! 
Eating dinner out on the patio...quesedilla and grapes and blueberries of course!

For Labor Day weekend the lake was very calm!  I think it was because the weather man had called for it to rain AND the Razorbacks were playing!--GOOD for us!!
Look how cute they are together!  These two have way too much fun together!

We went to a local ice cream shop that makes their ice cream in house and it was seriously AMAZING!  I saw this poster there and just feel in love...and am so thankful that I have had someone to help me fall in love with this city! 
We came home on Sunday and R was off to his dad's and Mimi's and I had a coffee date with Stuart and Jackson (my cousin and his friend)!  I am so glad they make the trip to town for coffee with me! ;)  I graded papers and they worked on some homework!  

Ryder went out to ANOTHER lake with his dad and had a blast!!  How fun does that lilly pad look!  I wanna play! 
...and he was out catfishin' as well!  Doing what boys do best!
I got him back on Monday and we had to stop at Targ to get me some coffee!!  DUH!  He also asked me to take his picture on top of the water!  Ha!
When we got back to KeeKee and Poppy's....Poppy had a surprise for Ryder waiting for him!  His first set of camo clothes to go DOVE HUNTING the next weekend!  You have NO idea how excited that little boy was!!!

What a fantastic and blessed weekend we had! 

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