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Monday, September 22, 2014

5th birthday @ snuggle bug!

Ryder finally got his Octonaut birthday party he has been wanting for what seems like FOREVER! :P
We had his party at school the day after his real birthday...and it was perfect!  All of his friends were so sweet and wonderful and so happy for Ryder to be celebrating his birthday!

KeeKee made his wonderful cake!  Just like she made all of me and Uncle G's cakes when we were little! =)

He LOVES the birthday bear the Birthday Kid gets to hold on their birthday!

 Sweet Morgan made him this picture!

This is Ms. Cassy--she has been at Snuggle Bug since Ryder started over two years ago...and she recently got married to man that lives out in Utah...so she moved out there a few weeks ago!  We are so happy for yet, yet sad we lost her at the same time!  She sent this to Ryder's teacher on Ryder's birthday!  How sweet huh!?

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