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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

mid week randoms! [fall!]

Well...happy Fall y'all!  Yesterday it finally felt like "fall" around here!  I had to find Ryder a pair of jeans to wear to school instead of shorts.  Poor kid has worn Chacos all summer and his tennis shoes from last winter don't fit any more...so today he wore Chacos with black socks! Luckily...he got rid of the socks before I picked him up!  [We went and bought new tennis shoes tonight! ;) ]

I just love all of Katie is a Daisy stuff!  She is truly talented!  I've been meaning to order some prints of hers but just haven't gotten around to it!  You may have seen her work on canvases and journals at Target and Anthro.
The Best of Me movie comes out in theaters October 17th and I HIGHLY recommend you reading it before you go see it!!  I am currently trying to reread it before it comes out...but I don't know if I'm gonna make it in time!
I love method all-purpose cleaner and couldn't resist this "Limited Edition" Honeycrisp Apple scent!  I know they just do that to get people like me to buy it...but hey, props to them--IT WORKS and smells divine!!
As I looked at the piles of books I have laying around...I thought it very much tells about the different parts/roles of ME!  [bottom to top] I'm always looking at the next lesson I'm going to teach and studying common core math standards and techniques.  Trying to make it through one "look through" of Against All Grain to improve my gut and health all around.  Keeping up with Beth Moore and her intense teaching skills in Children of the Day.  My Bible to go with.  And like I stated above...I'm trying to re-read The Best of Me.  But it has really taken the back burner as I've started reading The Best Yes.  I should throw a parenting book in there and that would about sum me up! ;) 

Happy Wednesday Friends! 

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