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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a nice chill weekend.  Some times I hate just staying about home with nothing to do, but it felt great to do so this weekend!  We didn't have one thing planned & I liked it that way!  =)

Friday night Ryder went to bed at 7:20 & I had some friends over to watch Crazy, Stupid, Love.  Wouldn't recommend the movie, but we had a good time.  I can say to see Ryan Gossling with his shirt off made it worth my time.  I pretty much felt the same was as Hannah did when he took it off.  Lol... {if you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about.  I hate that word, but it seemed SO appropriate at that time!  :P}

We were being too loud & lil man woke up, played some ball with Mr. Zach & then laid back down!  He is just so sweet at night & wants to cuddle with his Mama & I LOVE it!

Saturday was such a chill day...I got the house all picked up & went & helped mom & dad do somethings around the house, road the four wheeler with Ryder & dad & just pretty much chilled & hung out.

He wore big boy underwear ALL day long.  I just stayed on top of him & asked him if he had to use the big boy potty every ten minutes!  He would usually say NO!  but then a few times he would say yes!  There were also a few times when he would just stop what he was doing, almost start to cry & say, "Wyder has to go PP" & ruuuuuuun to the bathroom!  I am just glad that he is realizing when he has to go & is going!  One step closer!  I put him in a diaper last night to go to bed & this morning he woke up COMPLETELY dry!

I love that Ryder looks forward to Sundays because he gets to go to church.  He literally jumps up & down when I tell him that we get to go to church in the morning after he "takes a nap" & wakes up.

When he hears my alarm go off in the morning he says, "Gooooood Morning!  Time to get up!"  I just love it so much!  He is so chipper & happy in the mornings, which makes me in a good mood too (because we ALL know I'm NOT a morning person!)

He was also singing his version of Jesus Loves Me this morning, "Jesus-I love me...." so sweet, but we're gonna have to work on the words!

We've (mainly I) got a busy two weeks ahead of us before Thanksgiving Break.  I have tests & papers, & my Holiday Scentsy party & I'm taking the Praxis this weekend, & going to the BOTR this weekend...& I'm getting my wisdom teeth out next week.  Nothing like having two different things removed from your body two Thanksgiving breaks in a row.


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