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Sunday, November 20, 2011


So...Friday morning--getting my teeth out went perfectly fine.  I walked in there, got an IV, some laughing gas & felt like I was walking about 5 minutes later!  Apparently I said some PRETTY funny things that I do NOT remember!  I also made my mom take me to Sonic-I said "Sonic" & snapped my fingers at her!  Ha!  I told her ice water from home wasn't good enough, & then I said "It's 55 freakin' cents mom...I'll pay for it myself" & started digging around in my purse....Haha!  Thank goodness she got me a Route 44 ice water & took me home!  ;)

To my surprise I felt great Friday night & even ate a bean burrito for dinner!  I kept thinking that this was such a breeze compared to getting my tonsils out.  I slept great but was ready to get my baby back on Saturday morning!  Sad thing is he didn't even look at me, or hug me or pay me half attention!  :(  Even though I knew he really missed me the TWO nights he was away from me!  He took a nap at KeeKee's Saturday afternoon & I came home & unloaded stuff & started some laundry etc.

Mom walked Ryder back over here & we finally got to spend some quality time together!  I noticed a few hours later that he was super duper hot!!  He is a hot natured little boy, but this was different...  I took his temp & sure enough 102.6.  :(  I honestly didn't even know what to do because this just hasn't happened before!  He looked at me a while later & told me his ear hurt & so I knew he had to have an ear infection.   Thank goodness, Kelly's dad is a pediatrician & live right across town...I called him & thank goodness he was at home watching football & I asked him if we could come over & have him look at Punkin.  Sure enough....he had his first ear infection at 26 months, but I'm not complaining!  We got him some AB & came & snuggled up & went to bed around 9:30.  It was an adventure of a night, but just glad my lil booger got taken care of!

Did I mention he wore big boy underwear ALL day yesterday AND today!?  With NO accidents?!  I am so proud of him!  =)

{I entertained him on the toy aisle while waiting on his meds at Walgreens}

{He even found a Dora Santa hat!  Ha!}

{Playing with a cool Mickey Mouse "computer"}

{I picked this up for R for Christmas at WGs to be like Mama!}

{Thank goodness for my EC Life Planner to keep up with all our different meds & when it's time to take them!}

{Just a lil glimpse of our weekend...}

Sadly, we had to stay home from church this morning.  I really was going to go until Ryder came down with an EI last night.  One side of my face is still pretty swollen & the other side is perfectly fine!--which is so weird to me!  I'm hoping my right side will go down soooooon!  :O

This morning while watching Bambi & playing together around the living room, Ryder said, "Going to church?"  I said not today...then he said "Ms. Katy coming over in a few minutes?"  I said not today..."Going to get dressed to go to school?"  Nope baby, not today.  Poor thing is going to have a BORING week at home with his Mama.  :/

Yeah for Thanksgiving week!  I love spending time with friends & family eating yummy food being reminded of ALL the things we have to be thankful for.  

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