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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our day...

What a day!

It's been a while since me & Punkin' got out of the house since I'm still on my pain meds, so today mom took us on an exciting trip to Target!--but no, really!?  Who doesn't LOVE a trip to Target?  Even my little man knows he's supposed to get excited!

Before making it to Target, we stopped by Wilkinson's (a biggo shoe store that carries anything & everything you need in the foot dept. & MORE!) to get Uncle G a shirt & lil man some boots for Christmas!
I'm pretty sure these are the ones we got for him...oh my word!  I DIE just looking at them!  He is going to be so excited!  Every lil boy needs a good ole pair of cowboy boots right!?

Then of course we stopped at Chick to have lunch with Pop Pops!  & then it was time to hit up Target!  

I have to brag on lil man again...he was in big boy underwear this WHOLE time & told me when he needed to go & never had an accident!  We went once at Wilkinson's & about 3 times at Target, but I'm seriously NOT complaining!  Him not wearing diapers seriously might be the best thing ever!  It almost feels like I got a raise not having to buy diapers!  :P  I bought wipes yesterday out of habit & then I was like, "What was I thinking?"  ha!  

Little man got an ICEE at Target for doing so good all day & he even ate a WHOLE lemon loaf from Starbucks!  & then as we were leaving he said "I'm hungry!"  No your not crazy child!  :P

My house is a disaster, just from not being able to do things 100% still, so I'm ready to get it whipped into shape before Thanksgiving gets here & then I'm sure it will get destroyed again!

It hasn't stopped raining since LAST NIGHT!  I don't know where all this rain came from & I seriously don't ever remember it raining like this before!  That means we are cooped up inside for a few more days & I'm gonna have to pull out some new toys & crafts to keep things interesting for little man!  =)

We had a fun day out on the town with KeeKee & got a lot of Christmas shopping done & that always feels GOOD!  I've had a few cups of coffee tonight, painted my nails, done some laundry, watched Christmas Vacation & now it's time to head to bed to the sound of RAIN!  =)

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