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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I don't wanna grow up!

We had  BIG night last night!  Lot's of places to go & people to see!  We didn't make it to nearly everybody I wanted to see, but I was seriously EXHAUSTED & so was my little man!  He gets hyper when he gets tired, & he was definitely there around 8:30!  We went home, skipped a bath & I put him straight to bed!
We had a little photo shoot outside before we headed out...I didn't get one GREAT picture of lil man, so there are MANY to look at!  I am so blessed to have my mom that made his costume!  She made all of ours growing up & it was special then, but it's even more special now that she's getting to make them for my lil man!

I was surprised he actually wore his hat the whole time & WANTED to wear it when I took it off for him to get into the car!  Last year he wouldn't keep his hat on for ANYTHING!

We made our way over to Mama D's to see her Morgan & MacKenzie before they had to leave to go to a party!  Ryder loves them so much & was so happy to see "Kenzie!"

There was little boy football practice going on across the street & that's all he really cared about!  :P
Next up, was Allison & her dad!  They were outside waiting on us!  Ryder wanted to ride Mr. Mike's tractor, but we told him he could some other time!

Next was Mr. Kyle & Blake's!  Kyle was dressed up like a Christmas tree & I LOVED it!  Ryder was a bit scared at first, but it didn't take him long to figure out it was just Mr. Kyle!

He was so excited about his "twwwwwo suckers!"
My lil man loves them so much & I'm glad they finally live in town where we can see them more often!

Then we were finally off to Mr. Dustin & Grant's!  He LOOOOVES Grant & specifically asked to go to his house when I tell him all the friends' houses we were going to visit that night!
Ryder wasn't so sure about things at first...
& then he just took Grant's whole bucket of candy!  Ha!

Mary Beth's mom had a Halloween Party so we headed over there next!  There were tons of kiddos running out & lots going on, but it was fun!  They had some DELISH food & we needed it after running around town for a few hours!

Kelly finally made it home & we headed out to see her!

& these were as good as it got!  Things are always crazy with Kelly!  =)

Last but not least...Mr. Nick's!  Ryder knocked on the door, & when he Nick opened it, he just busted right in!  Ha!  Nothing like making yourself at home!

I'm so thankful for such wonderful friends who love my little man so much & genuinely care about him!  It's so neat to see the love that my little man has for them as well!  I hope he grows up looking up to many of them!

A few randoms that got out of order from the photo shoot!
KeeKee stopped by on her way home to check out his outfit!  =)

Sweet kisses!  He LOOOVES his KeeKee!  =)

We had a great Halloween & I think they are only going to get better with age!

Just for fun...year's past!
 {Halloween Day 2010}
{Halloween 2010}
 {Halloween 2009}
{Halloween 2009--my lil lobster!}


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