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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Family Pics

Last year, one of the most meaningful & heartfelt presents I received at Christmas was a gift card from my dad to a photographer in town, for me & Ryder to have our pictures professionally taken.  As a single mom, sadly professional pictures isn't something that is on the top of my budget list...hopefully one day when I find my Prince Charming, it will be!  ;)  So, for my dad to give me this as a gift in my stocking meant SO much to me.

I knew I wanted to wait till the fall to have them made, Ryder would be two, & my hair would be passed the awkward stage--(I'm growing it out again from Locks of Love), & I thought we might could get a good Christmas card pic out of the deal & not have to deal with the stress at Thanksgiving!  So I called & they squeezed us in a week later & I was also happy to be able to do this before I got my wisdom teeth out (in case my checks didn't go down for a good while)!

So...I met with Lance on Wednesday & had to dig out all the ones I liked the best.  It was kinda hard, but he was very helpful!  There weren't any "bad" ones...but I just learned that I just had to pick out my FAVORITES! 

So...here they are!  I loved working with Lance!  He was so easy & fun to work with & great with Ryder!  Such a talented person!  You can see more of his work & learn more about him HERE. 

 {This shows our relationship with each other SO well!}

 {He was a HAM the whole session & this is just ONE of many pics like this!}

I love my lil man so much & will cherish this forever!  I love it being just me & him, but I do look forward to the day there will also be the man of my dreams standing behind me & then later on a few other additions!  ;)

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