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Monday, May 4, 2009


A little drama @ work today...but that's what keeps things exciting!  HA!

Jake & I made burgers, & they turned out really good!  While we were sitting @ the kitchen table eating...we saw these little kids playing kinda out in our yard.  We then noticed how they were looking @ one of the windows in the garage (where Ranger is).  Next thing we know...they are RUNNING to the door, and RING the doorbell!  JUST LIKE THAT!  So Jake had to go out & show them Ranger...our PET SQUIRREL!  I told him the whole neighborhood is going to be over @ our house now to see our squirrel!!  I sure hope not!

Did ya'll knows the Heinz ketchup bottle no longer has a pickle on it...?  It's a tomato!!  


Word from my mom straight from the mayor...if Kris Allen makes it through this week, then he will be performing DOWNTOWN Conway Friday night for his hometown visit!  As much as I hate crowds...that would be so much fun to experience!  Especially since I missed "MOVE THAT BUS!"  last year during Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Dancing with the Stars with my hubby!  Nothing better!

Oh!--I saw Ryder move a little bit earlier!!!  I just LOVE that!  =)  I love my sweet little boy inside of me!  

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