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Saturday, May 23, 2009

long time no blog...

Sorry I don't blog more.  I wish I did it more for myself as well.

Jake & I are about to go out to eat with some friends of our, Dane & Dapple @ Outback.  I have gotten SO much done today @ the house!  My closet is ORGANIZED, laundry up to date,  hallway closet cleaned out...dishwasher emptied etc.  It was a good day!  I wanted to lay out on the back patio, and we went to Fred's to get a long lounge chair, but they were like fashion chairs & they were 45 BUCKS!  I'll just go to Wal-Mart to get a cheap plastic one!  

I have a lot of pictures I need to put up, and a video or our lil daughter!--RANGER!  

I am now officially Kati Renee Odom.  I took off work on Wednesday to get things like that done.  I got my new driver's license & all that too!  I still have some wedding errands to run though that I plan on getting done this week!

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