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Thursday, June 6, 2013

R's First Umbrella!

Preface:  So for a couple of months now, ever since R saw one of his friends from school walk in one day when it was raining with a cool, spiderman kid umbrella--he is been DYING to have his own!  I kept my eyes open at different places ove the past few months, with no success!  Yeah, I could have looked online, but it wasn't something I was too stressed about!

Well one day on the way to school I realized I had forgotten his breakfast bar at home and had just given him his AB and knew he needed to eat with them!  So I pulled in Walgreens to get him something to eat real quick!  I am walking straight to the little food section when I hear Ryder yelling, "MOOOOOM!  Look!!  A Mickey Mouse umbrella!!  I NEEEEED it!!!"  Well...how do I say no to that, after we have literally been looking for one for months?!?  And...it was only $7.99--much cheaper than I thought they would be!  So I made that little boy the happiest kid on the block that day by purchasing that dang Micky umbrella!

Thank goodness it rained the next day and he got to use it!  
...and for days, he continued to take that thing every where with him!  Including the living room while he watched TV!  Too much...but it made him happy and that's all that matters right!?  :P  He's gotten over the excitement of it (thank goodness!) and only thinks about it when it rains!  :P

I wish I could be a little kid again and get excited about a $7.99 Mickey umbrella, don't you!?  :P

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