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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Walks & Sweet Chloe

The weather has been so nice lately, I have been trying to go on walks at night after we stop by my parents to visit.  I've been doing this with R since he was little, so it's fun for him to be able to ride his bike with me now when I used to have to push him in the stroller!

There is this dog named Chloe who is always out fun when we go by.  She has an invisible fence so she hang outs up there without getting in the street.  She isn't always up front, but we always hope to see her!  This day she was...she ran in the garage to get her toy and met us in the grass!

We throw it for her as long as she'll let us and then she gets tired and lays down just to hang out.  She is the sweetest dog and so much fun to play with!  I'm glad R can enjoy the fun of of pets, without having one himself!  We aren't quite ready for that yet!  :P
We always look forward to our next walk when we get to play with Chloe!

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