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Wednesday, June 5, 2013


When I was out of town one weekend, my parents took Ryder to a pig roast at Freckle Face Farm to celebrate Dawson's high school gradation!  I was sad I missed it...but even sadder when I heard what my little guy did while he was there!!!  He picked up a bike the same size as his at home (with training wheels) and starting riding it on his own!  Out there...there is not pavement so he was on grass even!  Mom has video on her phone I am going to try to get uploaded soon!  Naynee ended up giving R the bike and here he is practicing a bit more on it in my parents' driveway!  So proud of my little guy!

We were trying to teach him the importance of putting his leg down if he slammed on the brakes!  Ha!

We still have more practice to do....but I'm still very proud of his accomplishment!

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