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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Swimmin' Lessons

Today was our last day of swimming lessons!  I'm not sad to say it's over....every day for the past two weeks Monday-Thursday.  I'm just a bit worn out!  :P  R was in a class with two other kids, and it was only 30 mins a day, and he did great!  He liked to talked a bit during class but other than that, no problems!  :P
We usually got there a little early and I let him play out on the play ground which was always fun...he's been wanting to play out there since they put it up a few months ago!

I was all about Wet Skin for kids last year...but I had a coupon for this stuff, and it was on sale at Target, so I tried it and it is my new FAVE!!!  It smells so super good, and doesn't have a sunscreen smell at all!  I'll definitely be buying more of this once we run out!
There's my little guy!

He loved jumping in every day at the end of class!  He had a great teacher, who worked great with him and his classmates!  I can't wait to see what he does in the water with me the rest of the summer at the pool!

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