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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Allie & Josh's Wedding Weekend

Before I blog about this past weekend's wedding...I wanted to get the pictures up from AUGUST!  Yes...I know!  Shesh Kati!  I guess I'll blame it on it being the week school started and things haven't really stopped since then...so here we are!  ;)  I also knew there were a lot of pictures to blog which freaked me out...but have no fear I am doing it now!  ;)


I made the trip up to Fay with R by myself...let's just say that was eventful!  I had to stop and get these two things to ensure we made it the rest of the way up there!  :P
Thank goodness somebody feel asleep shortly after, but I had to stop and fix his neck a few times, but it didn't seem to help!  :P

After we ran through the ceremony at few times at the Pratt Place we all headed over to Noodles for some yummy dinner outside!  The weather was great so it all worked out!
With the beautiful BRIDE! =)
Ryder man with the Groom!  My parents came and got R shortly after when they got into town!
The ring bearer with his Bride! ;)

All the girls and the Bride's family were staying in the Pratt Place (location of wedding and reception).  It was so much fun!  It was like a hotel with different rooms, but oh so different!  I may or may not have gotten lost a few times!  :P
We sat out on the balcony talking until pretty late...this was our view back into one of the rooms.
R stayed the night in a hotel with KeeKee and Poppy.  The poor kid hates hotels, and especially without his Mama, but he seemed to do okay!  


Poppy took R and they went exploring around NWA!  They had a full day to kill time and enjoy each other's company!
We had the bridal luncheon brought to us, which was SO much fun!  We all had a chicken salad sandwich, chips, fruit cup and chocolate chip cookie!  It was so nice not to have to get dressed up, or worry about being any where on time etc.  We just ate it in what we had on, when we wanted to eat it!  It was all delicious!

Trying to give her some poof!  She is terrified if you can't tell!  :P
We all go dressed so we could get our little bride dressed to go meet her man for their first look!  =)
We all picked out our own jewelry to wear...which is what Allie wanted us to do.  She wanted it to represent who we are and our personalities! =)

Little man showed back up in the middle of pictures! ;)

Hanging out on the balcony while we wait for the wedding to start!! =)


The wedding took place at the back of the house, and then we walked over to the barn for the reception!  We were greeted with little cups of tomato soup with a grill cheese on top!  YUM!

It was all beautiful--I wish I would have gotten more pictures!  I was too busy keeping up with R, mingling, keeping up with my MOH duties and eating yummy food!  ;)

Leaving!  The sparklers were so fun!

We all slept peacefully that night!!

Including my little guy!  He was worn out from a long, but wonderful day! =)

Allie & Josh-thanks for letting us be apart of your special day!  We had a wonderful time celebrating with you guys and love y'all very much!


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