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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random Wednesday Brain Dump...

  • Ryder stayed the night with MiMi & PawPaw last night so I went out with the girls for some wonderful hibachi dinner, & then we went over to some friends' house & watched Something Borrowed!  Everybody that hadn't seen it loved it!  =)
  • I slept in a little bit this morning & as soon as I woke up I started reading The Hunger Games where I left off last night...I was almost done & wanted to finish it before I got R back this afternoon so I could spend all my time with him, & not wanting to selfishly read that dang book!

  •  My tabs on my Life Planner have started to get pretty messed up, & their only card stock, & with carrying it in my purse all the time, in my car & being drug in & out of the house & my backpack, those poor lil tabs get a lot of wear & tear on them!  I had seen someone else on here or Pinterest & knew I had to go get these tabs & try them out!
  • & they worked just as magically as I thought they would!  So...if you're having the same problem...go getcha some of these lil tab-a-ma-jigs at WM!  They were about $2.50 if I do recall.  They are meant to slipped on top of regular paper with writing already inside the tab, so they do have to be ripped in the middle to be able to fit rich ton top of the tabs.  I also had to go back with scissors & trim them up a bit, but it didn't take long at all!  

  •  EBATES!  Who has heard of it?  I hadn't until early December, & I was so glad I got to do most of my Christmas shopping on there...& earn myself CASH BACK!  Sounds crazy right?  But it really works!  I just got my first check in the mail today!  It's not much, but I mean I'm $21.78 richer than I was yesterday!  ;)  It's quite simple!  Sign up HERE, & get to shopping!  They will keep track of the amount of cash back you receive in you "account" & when you are ready for your check, you just let them know & they mail it to you just like that!  6% cash back may not seem like a lot at the time, especially if your purchase isn't all the much, but over time it can add up!  My 21 dollars only came from 3 or 4 different purchases!  Most stores are listed on Ebates including Wal Mart, Target, Macy's, Victoria's Secret, Barnes & Noble etc.  I needed to get a few things from WM, & I ordered it all off of WM through Ebates so I could get my cash back, even though I could have driven to the store to get it all...NOT a bad deal especially when shipping is FREE!  

  •  I was so happy to get my lil man back today!  He tells me he's a "country boy" not a "city boy" & today he sure did look like it in his boots & dirtied up jeans!  ;)  I love it though!  He is cheesing like this because I told him to stop saying "cheese" & just SMILE!  Ha!  He's a ham!

  • Back to school for lil man tomorrow!  We tried to get back into our routine of dinner by 6, bath by 7 & bed by 8 tonight!  I had him in bed by 8:05...not to shabby!  :P
  • Mama is getting her teeth cleaned tomorrow & then I'm going to work on getting stuff together for the Rhea Lana sale coming up OH SO SOON...(more on that later! ;) )

  • & this lil booger...my mom told me I would want to have the 2nd one AS SOON AS I finished the first, & she was right, but I'm making myself finish our thank you cards before I start reading it!  We'll see how long that lasts...or I better just get to writing!  


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