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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Just a few things I want to remember about my sweet lil boy at this age!

  • We are now obsessed with Woody & Buzz "like year"
  • Today I was waking him up from his nap & he gently pushed me back to lay down beside him & said, "Let's rest for just a few more minutes..." Umm...think he's heard that a time or two?  :P
  • Tonight while at Target mom asked me if I wanted anything from Starbucks & I said no, he said, "Yoouuuu donnnn't waaaaant anyyyyythiiiiing from STARRRRRBUCKS?"  I was like no honey, I don't.  He was SHOCKED!  :O
  • Before bed the other night he wanted to read ME a book!  He picked one out, opened it & said in the most country voice EVER, "Woonce apooona tiiiime" {country voice} I literally fell out laughing!  I don't think I've ever read him a book that started that way before, but he cracked me UP!
  • He has been telling me "No" a lot & I send him straight to his room.  I usually send him to his room, let us both cool off, then go in there & spank him (if he needs to be punished more besides going to his room depending on what he did...) & then we talk, pray & he can get out of his room.  So during times I'm JUST sending him to his room, he doesn't know that at first, so he stands at his door & says, "I need a spankin'!" or "Come spank me Mama!"  I'm sorry...but I can't help but laugh!  & when this doesn't work, he tells me he has to go pee pee!  Oh geez...what do you tell a two year old then!  Ha!
  • I was told he body slammed a girl a school yesterday.  He got one out of four smileys on his daily report as well.  THAT IS BAD.  He told me the smiley faces on his report were "crying"..."yes, honey they are."  {How do y'all discipline a two year old for things he did at school hours before you can get home & talk about it?}
  • When I'm laying down with him at night, I swear he says, "I love you" a million times before he falls asleep, but it never gets old!  =)
  • I tell him all the time that "I love you...SO MUCH!"  So he has started to say the same to me sometimes!  
  • Every night from the bathroom to his bed where we put on his PJs, he asked me to "Carry me like a baby" & so I do!  It's one of our favorite things we do together!
  • If I run to my computer for a second to print something off etc. (it's not like I sit in here all day...) & he doesn't want me on it, he'll say, "Turn the computer off Mama, turn it off!"  So...of course I do!
  • If you ask him who his girlfriend is, he'll say, "Kati...." (& say my whole name, first & last!)  I love it  so much!  =)
  • He can spell his name out for you...R-Y-D-E-R
  • He will also tell you his birthday is September 9th
  • Sometimes he will grab my checks with his lil hands & say, "Look at me"...WONDER where he got that!  ;)
  • In the bathroom at a restaurant earlier this week he said, "Mama, there's not a bath in this bathroom..."
  • Laying down on the floor watching a movie together, he looks up at me & says, "We're besties Mama..." (I tell him this all the time!)  Melted my heart!
  • On our way to church, from the back seat he randomly said, "God made me perfect & special didn't he Mama?"  #melt
Hope y'all had a FAB weekend!  We sure did!  =)


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