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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Baby boys sick...

Well...I told you I wouldn't be around much!  & I haven't been!  :(  Since Thursday night, little man has ran a fever at about 6 pm...random I know!  He has had the whole runny nose, cold, cough & gunked up eye thing as well so I just figured it was something going along with that.

It finally got to the point Monday morning where I knew something else must be going on...& we should probably head in to see what was up.  We went in to see Ms. Karen that morning & boy am I glad we did.

Did I mention I woke up with my horrible sore throat as well...MONDAY JUST WASN'T MY DAY FOR SURE!-(not to mention it was my ONLY day this week without a final!)

Sure enough...the ear infection he had two weeks ago never completely went away.  So it was time to get out the big boy antibiotics & KILL off that infection!  My mom said amoxicillin never killed my ear infections either...so hopefully these new meds will do the trick!

It seems like all day Monday was spent at the Dr., at the pharmacy, at Walgreens getting over the counter drugs, or driving to & from!  Oh...& not to mention, my mom was home from school as well from being SICK!  Ahh...sick of all this SICKNESS!

This did make our sickly weekend a little bit better!  ;)

& I finally got Punkin' his own chapstick (& grabbed a few more for his stocking) the other day!  Green Apple...who knew?!  It smells fab & is super soft, I think I'm gonna have to get myself some soon so I'll quit stealing his!  =)

Everybody...wash your hands, try & stay stress free & stay away from the sicklies!  :P

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