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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Catch all...catch up!

Well...Squeak the elf has made himself at home the passed few days!  On Friday we went to see Santa & he left a note to Ryder telling him to tell Santa hello & to behave for mommy!  & I am happy to report that Ryder was so good all the way to LR & back!  AND...he stayed dry ALL day! We had to stop once on the way there, once at the restaurant & then once again on the way home!  But, I was so proud of him for telling me, & it seemed like no big deal!  =)

This is a picture of a picture of him with Santa.  His hands are up because I had mine up trying to get him to smile & it was the only one with him smiling...so I went with it!  =)

He seriously walked straight up there to him, gave him a high five & knuckles.  Told him his name, how old he was & what he wanted for Christmas..."a skateboard & a helmet" (don't ask me where he got that from, because it is ALL HIM!!) He straight up leaned back in his lap & relaxed & just hung out with him while I paid & got the pictures printed....it was pretty funny, but I was so glad everything went well & we got it out of the way!

We didn't do ANYTHING on Saturday.  We both practically stayed in our PJs & got stuff done around the house, which feels really good today because my house is semi-clean, laundry is done & I just feel refreshed!  We did get out to go to Sonic to get Pop Pops a strawberry-limeade because he was out bagging up all the leaves in the front yard poor guy.  Yes, we were both still in our PJs at this point & neighbors were walking & looking at us funny, but I didn't even care!  ;)  Ryder in his Elmo PJs, Toy Story cowboy boots & my pink sequin Santa hat!

I got my Marley Lilly monogram scarf in last week & wore it to church on Sunday.  It's color is "papaya" & I love it & think it's a real unique color.  There are many other colors I loved as well, but this is what I settled with!  I won a $20 gift card just for tweeted about Marley Lilly one night, so I got this scarf for 6 dollars (& that was just shipping!)

Every Southern girl needs a monogram scarf or two!  ;)  I will be going back for more...check out her site for ALL things personalized & monogrammed!

Mr. Squeak got a hold of a marker & did a lil artwork on Ryder's school picture!  Ryder was NOT too pleased with his artwork & threw a little fit when he saw it!  I quickly told him Squeak was just messing around, but that he better be good so that Squeak won't do it again!  :P

Today he brought along with him from the North Pole some Peppermint flavored marshmellows!  YUMM!!

I had taken the recycling out this morning in the rain & had taken my rain boots off in the laundry room, & found this lil guy trying to walk around in them!  TOO funny if you ask me!

Before I had class, me & lil man had a few errands to run this morning & I thought he just looked awfully funny in his stunna shades & with the sucker in his mouth!  He is at such a fun age, I can't even express how much fun we have together!  We seriously are the best of friends!  =)

& of course Mama had to try out the peppermint flavored marshmellows in her hot chocolate today!  =)

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  1. i just love that scarf! going to check them out now!

    good luck with studying!


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