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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sugar Cookies!

Growing up I had always made sugar cookie's at my Nana's house during Christmas time.  We used to help her cut them out & bake them, but there got to be too many of us & she would cut them out, & bake them ahead of time, & now we just help decorate them on Christmas Eve!  It's something we all know to look forward to, & the little kids love it!

I decided to try & make sugar cookies with Ryder!  I knew he would love cutting out the shapes, & then icing them & putting spindles on them!

It didn't turn out as great as I thought it would (the sugar cookie mix was GROSS) & as you can tell by his poor face, lil man was sick sick SICK!  But he was still a trooper & had fun!

The sprinkles container didn't have a little protective lid--AT ALL!  Haha!

Not too bad!

We still had a good time, even though the cookies weren't that great!  :P  We might need to step up our game next try & try a homemade sugar cookies recipe!  :O


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