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Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was so special this year.  Ryder was actually old enough to understand that when he went to bed & went to sleep, that Santa would come!  & when it was time to wake up, Santa would have left some wonderful goodies for him!  I couldn't wait to see the happiness on my lil man's face!  I love getting to play Santa & look forward to it many years to come!  

Since both me & Garrett live out of the house now, I asked mom & dad if they wanted us to all spend the night Christmas Eve--so that's what we did!  I know that when I get re-married, we won't do this any more because I will want to have our own special time at our house Christmas morning together & then we'll make our way over to KeeKee & Pop's to see what Santa brought over there!  

So...this was a new & fun tradition I'm glad we started!

{his "skateboard" & helmet!  all the kid has ever wanted!  :P}

This Santa had done their duties & it was time for me to go to bed so Grand-Santa could come!  ;)

{I think he looks like such an angel when he's sleeping!}

{Ryder's stocking at KeeKee's that she MADE!  She made all of ours actually!}
{Time to get up!}

I have a video of him walking in seeing his stuff...which is why I don't have pictures during that process!  :P

{Loving his chair...now he has his own to sit in outside with the grown ups!}

{This was seriously the best purchase!  He loves it & is even sleeping with it!}

{Helping Pop Pop's organize his Keurig!}

Ryder actually woke up sick Christmas morning.  You could just see it in his eyes he didn't feel 100%.  I hated it for him...but he still seemed to enjoy everything, he just didn't have that extra spark in him that he always has!

We got up & got around & got ready for church & even made it to the 9 o'clock service on time! 

After church, Ryder's dad came & got him so he could go do Christmas with his side of the family.  I was so glad it worked out where Ryder was able to go & wasn't missing out on anything.

Right after Ryder left, Tonya, Luke & Aunt Kathy got here from flying in from Atlanta that morning.  Mom had prepared us a wonderful lunch that we all enjoyed so much.  It is such a blessing to sit & eat a great meal on Christmas Day surrounded by family from near & far.  TRUE blessing.

We lounged around a bit & then it was time to go see War Horse!  Mom INSISTED on seeing this movie! Luckily we thought ahead & bought tickets online because it was completely sold out by the time we got there.  Not 15 minutes into the movie, Jake text me & said Ryder just wan't himself all day & was getting worse so they were leaving Mimi's to head home & rest.  This just made me worry about my baby & want to be with him & comfort him.  So I left the movies & went to get my lil man.  He was just so worn out from everything going on, but you could tell by looking into his eyes he didn't' feel good.

We went back to KeeKee's, took a few pictures & then laid down for a nap before everyone else got home from the movies.  

Mom made a yummy potato soup for dinner that we all gobbled up & Ryder slept straight through everything!  He was one.tired.puppy!

We were all in the game room doing presents & came back in the living room to find him like this!  He WAS on the couch!  We figured he rolled off, or wanted to get off the hot couch & went down there himself...I just love him so much!

We had a wonderful & fabulous Christmas with family & are truly blessed with everything we have been given!


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