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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve @ Nana & Papaw's

For as long as I can remember, we have gone to Nana & Papaw's on Christmas Eve.  We all bring a handful of yummy appetizers to munch on & then eat some chili if we fill up to it!  We always hang out & visit & eat, & then we all gather together to listen to Papaw read the Christmas Story & then it's time to sort out all the presents!  There are now 12 "kids" & 8 adults...so it can be kinda crazy, yet SO fun!  =)  We wouldn't want it any other way!

Ryder had a great time with all his cousins & I seriously don't ever worry about his where a bouts because I know he's with "somebody"!  

{Sibling love...}
{Pop Pops with his kiddos}
{Happy fam!}
We have iced sugar cookies at Nana's for as long as I can remember...I have gotten old enough where I have passed the task onto the younger kids!  :P}
This is Ryder with his great-grandpa...Papaw.  This picture is so special to me because I used to be the "baby" of the family & the only grandchild...& I was the one sitting in Papaw's lap when he read the Christmas Story!

{Some of the cousins & Uncle Mitch...}

This year was the first year for us to do a Dirty Santa with Gift Cards!  It was seriously SO MUCH FUN!! Props to Linda Sue & Bunky!  There were GCs from Wal-Mart, Academy Sports, iTunes, Hancock's Fabrics, Cabela's, Brighton, Barnes & Noble etc. etc....it was so fun to see people get stuff that they probably wouldn't care for, & then just hope someone would steal it, or someone get something they LOVED & wanted to keep & just hope & pray no one stole it!  =)  I ended up with iTunes & I was happy!--Now I can buy some more books on my phone!

{Karleigh bought & wrapped this book for Ryder all by herself, it's called "I love you through & through"  I thought that was so sweet & grown up of her!  =)}

{Lil man got his first "real" pair of cowboy boots & he LOVED them!}

{He got a biggo' stack of Dr. Suess books from Bunky & Linda Sue!  Our collection is GROWING!  I can't wait till lil man can read them himself!}
{Nana made him this quilt...he already has quite the collection from her & he's only two!  I seriously LOVED it when we opened it up!  Thank you Nana!--He obviously loved it too & wanted to lay on it RIGHT then!  ;)}

{That grin is as good as it got...}
{The five of us by the Christmas tree!}

I'm so thankful for such wonderful family & being able to live close enough where this can be an every year event!  I know it's something I always look forward too & I hope to continue to the tradition for many years to come!


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