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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Card Blessing Ring

I wanted to share a quick & easy little Christmas craft with you guys!  I first saw this on Katie's Keepers after Katie made one for all the cards that they received after the passing of their daughter Reese.  I made one with all of Ryder's baby cards that we received & have a stack of birthday & holiday ones waiting to be made into another special blessing ring!

It's quite simple & all you need is a 5" metal necklace from the jewelry department at Hobby Lobby that snaps closed at the ends with two hooks.  Looks like I got this one for $1.47.  You'll need some ribbon of your choice to go along with the season/occasion of the pictures/cards of your choice & the pictures/cards you want to hang on your blessing ring.  
{super cute Christmas cards of friends & fam}
{Punch all of your cards/pictures with a hole punch from where you would like them to hang.  PS aren't Sarah & Greg the CUTEST lil couple!?}
{I slipped all of my cards/pictures onto my ring, but you can still tell it's need a lil something more!}
{I just took random left over ribbon from my ribbon stash that were Christmas colors & tied them on my ring every 3-4 cards & WAH-LAH!  You have a super cute blessing ring!}

I think I'm going to try & make one for every year & keep in our Christmas decorations & pull them out every Christmas to look back on!  How fun!?
Here is Ryder's baby blessing ring that still hangs in his room today...
These can be made for any occasion & is such a better way to keep cards, then throwing them all in a box! Happy blessing ring making friends!  =)


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