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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Every year during the first week of December, our church puts on "Bethlehem" as a gift to the community. The "city" of Bethlehem is built with all sorts of different kinds of shops & you can come thru & see what it was like during the time of Jesus' birth.  You can even go see baby Jesus when you are finished touring the city!  You are given "shekels" at the entrance of the city, & are greeted by many "towns people" that live & work in Bethlehem.  You can spend your shekels on food, candles, toys, jewelry, medicine, or whatever you desire!  It's a great experience & I can't wait to take Ryder as he gets older!  HERE is us last year at Bethlehem Revisited!  

I am so thankful for a wonderful group of friends that go to things like this week me, because it's not always easy to do it on my own!  A group of us met at Chick & then went to Bethlehem afterwards!  Ryder loves all of my friends so much, so he is ALWAYS happy to get away from me for a little bit & see all his buddies!  ;)
 {With Mr. Kyle--Ryder asked him where his Christmas Tree was!  Ha!}
 {He loves Ms. Zach--he went with us last year too!}

 {So glad Kelly & Luke joined us!}

 {Looking at the live animals...}
{& we finally got to see baby Jesus & Ryder LOVED this part!  He was SO excited!}

This has obviously become a tradition of ours the last two years & I hope to keep it that way the years continue!  

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