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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas-y Randoms!

I had a busy last week & an even BUSIER weekend!

Ryder had his last day of school before break on Thursday & I finally got to take his teacher's their Christmas gifts!  I love tumblers....y'all know that!  & I assume everyone else does too!  I got them Starbucks tumblers (& his director a coffee mug because they were out of tumblers) & got Starbucks gift cards to place in there & threw a bow on them!  I know I would be happy with this gift as a teacher & they were simple, yet fun & hopefully will be enjoyed!  

I have been on the look out for the perfect "Christmas Story" book, but appropriate for Ryder's age.  & like always....TJ Maxx didn't let me down!  I saw this board book & flipped thru it & knew it was the perfect one!  I couldn't wait to get home & read it to my little man--& of course he soaked it ALL up just like I thought he would!  I seriously think 99% of his books are from TJ Maxx & I love it!  =)

...love maegan tweeted this the other day & I just LOVED her color scheme!  How unique!  Purple, blue & silver!  I snapped a screen shot of it so I would remember it for future Christmases.

Saturday evening I went to a childhood friend's wedding.  Justin & I grew up going to church together, & he is apart of so many of my youth trip memories!  He is such a great guy & Sydney definitely found the perfect guy!  Their wedding was beautiful & I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with her dress!  It was just as beautiful as her!  =)

Me & the Groom himself!  =)

Funny story:  I ran into one of my brother's good friends that he met at camp in probably 3rd grade from Stuttgart at the reception!  I was like "What are you doing here?!"  Her sister is actually roommates with the bride's little sister...so that's why they were there!  I got to meet their mom & it was nice to sit & visit with them! --& this is just another reason I believe in six degrees! ;)

After that I went straight to my pledge class' Christmas party!  I was so glad to see so many of my pledge sisters that I don't always get to see through out the year!  The food was delicious & Anna was a FAN-TAS-TIC host!--AS ALWAYS!  We did an ornament exchange (dirty santa style) & these are two ornaments that I got stolen--because they were SO CUTE!

It's okay though...because I ended up with a super fun one that Ryder LOVES!

I still can't believe it is the WEEK of Christmas!  Where has the time gone!  Oh my word!  I am so looking forward to this Christmas because Ryder is old enough to "get it" & actually open presents & say thank you & participate in all the craziness!  He is also old enough to understand that we are celebrating Jesus' birthday & that we can even have cupcakes & "wick them" to celebrate!  More than anything, I want him to grow up knowing the true meaning of Christmas & I have started that this year, & will continue to teach him the importance as he grows...& I can't wait!  =)

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