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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visit to the Shug!

Every since we went to visit Pooh & her parents in the Shug this summer, Ryder has been asking when we were going back.  I told him months ago we would go over Christmas Break--& that time finally got here!  I love getting to see Pooh, Pretty Ricky, Aunt Syd & Lou Lou & Caleb!  I'm so thankful that I can go visit them, & take my son with me & they welcome us into their home like we are part of the family!  It's such a good feeling!

They have tons of blow ups in their front yard & Ryder just went CRAZY over them!  I made him take a pic with his favorites!  ;)

Monday night we went & got some ice scream & then drove around & looked at some lights!  This place was "102 Dalmatians" & let me tell you...there REALLY were 102!  It was so neat & creative!  Ryder loved it too!

The same guy also had an SEC sleigh with razorbacks pulling Santa's sleigh!  So cute!

Punkin' enjoying his ice cream!  He picked out strawberry!

He had TOO much fun playing on Pooh's iPad!

He even got to open his first Christmas present!  He was so happy & excited!  He got a race truck & a car that make LOTS of noise...OF COURSE! :P

Caleb came over & was soooo good playing with little man!  They went outside & hung out for a while & let Mama rest!  ;)  Lou Lou came over after work & was eating some party mix, & Ryder just had to have some too!

We went to bed pretty late, so little man let us sleep in the next day.  Pooh went & got us donuts & then got some snuggle time in with little man!  She had to get up & go get her hair cut, & then it was time for us to head home!

I am so thankful we were able to go down even if it wasn't even for a full 24 hours!  It was better than nothing, & I love making memories with my lil man & he sure does love his Shug family!  :)

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