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Saturday, June 14, 2014

tacos 4 life {T4L}

I already talked a little bit about Tacos 4 Life HERE, but since then I've been back since then...I wanted to share a little bit more about it and add some pics!
One of my favorite things is that in this eating area, all of the chairs are different!  Some metal, some wood, come cushioned, some patio chairs--you name it!  So much fun!
The wall of all The Founders that helped make T4L come alive!
They've been open since Monday...and I've been three times and I have NO SHAME!  I've gotten something different each time I've gone and I seriously and dying to get back there ASAP because there are so many other things I want to try!

One day Allie and I got there RIGHT when it opened and there was already a line of people standing outside the door waiting for them to open.  That is the only reason all these seats are open!  Not 20 minutes later, the line was wrapped around the inside of the restaurant.  
There are so many different features and walls that I wanted to take pictures of every time, but there was always so many people I just couldn't...but I finally got this one!  The pink is threat thats been put around nails!  I love this!

They even have a fun photo-booth with props that you can use and hashtag your pics on Twitter or IG for a chance to win free Tacos, but again it's been so crazy in there, I haven't had a chance to get back there yet!

I introduced my parents to the goodness and they were THOROUGHLY impressed!--and I honestly haven't heard one person say that anything bad about the food!  There are so many different unique sauces that just grab your tastebuds in such a unique way--it's what keeps me coming back for sure! 
I went with a quesadilla the last time I went.  LOVED it and great alternative if you don't want a taco!  They use their cheese dip inside the dilla and that's really what I enjoyed most about it!  Such a unique cheese dip taste for sure!  
The owners have a heart of gold and you can see that in all of the hard work and time that they've put into making a difference, even if it's just a small one, in a little bitty AR town!

This is a mango habanera taco and fish taco (my current fave) with black beans as a side.  

Just look at all that yummy goodness!

Again...T4L is a meal 4 meal program.  I think when I went with my parents we "donated" 7 meals just by eating there!  If you're going to go out to eat and spend $$ why not spend it, eat yummy food, and also feed the starving children.  A great and simple way to give back!

I am thankful this idea is right here in my in my hometown, and I want anyone and everyone coming through to try it out!  It will NOT disappoint--and if it does, I'll buy your meal! ;)

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  1. What an absolutely amazing place. Such a great cause with yummy food to boot. Can't beat that!


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