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Friday, June 27, 2014

dell's bachelorette weekend in nashville, tn

We have a lot to catch up on!!  Let's get started!

The weekend before Anna's big day, we were headed out to Nashville to celebrate her last days as a SINGLE lady!  A few BM couldn't make it because they were in other weddings etc. but we still had a BLAST!

Look at these super cute Nashville themed cookies!  YUMMY YUM!
It took us WAY too long to get there...but we were having fun and that's all that mattered! :P  We stopped in Memphis for some dinner and gave Anna her cards of things to accomplish over the weekend!  You can see how she felt about a few of those! ;)
Gus's did NOT disappoint! 
Dell, Allison & Fiona--this was my first time to hang out with Fiona, and let's just say we are basically bestie now.  That girl is a joke and a half and basically only eats chicken and french fries, but I was very proud of her for all the foods she tried over the weekend!

Nothing like a styrofoam plate full of juicy chicken, fries and potato salad in the heart of Memphis, TN!
I had been anticipating seeing the "batman building".  I hadn't been to Nash since 2006 or so!
Of course reminds me of the show "NASHVILLE!"

Saturday morning, we were up and at'um ready for a yummy brunch!  The weather was SO perfect and we just couldn't get over the beauty of the day and of the city!  We drove done to MidTown to eat at Bricktops. I would HIGHLY recommend it!  You know me, I went with the Eggs Benny, but I'm pretty sure I ate it before I even thought about taking a picture of it for u! 

We love our beautiful Bride To Be!

Oh!  I DID take a picture for you!!!  Oh man, makes me want it again-DUH!
Allison, Fiona, and Dell!  We did some walking around after brunch to check out some local boutiques!

We found a popsicle shop called HOT and COLD!--we popped inside to see what it was all about!
They had all these homemade popsicles, that you could have dipped in their chocolate!  Of course we tried them out (even if they were 5 dollars!!)
LOVE her!
I got a regular size, Dell got a baby--and the baby would have been just enough!  I was struggling to finish mine by the end!  But the chocolate was OH so good!

Saturday afternoon, we headed about 30 minutes out of town to visit Arrington Vineyards!  Anna loves her some wine and this was all a surprise to her!  When we told her what we were doing, she literally cried!  It was sweet!  ALL props to the MOH Allison, for coming up with this wonderful idea for our get away!
Words can't even begin to describe this place, but I will shortly say if you go to Nashville-GO!  It's FREE!!  Again, the weather was so wonderful and we throughly enjoyed soaking up the time with each other, and enjoying the beautiful scenery {while sippin' on some wine of course!}
PS:  the sooner you go in the day, the less crowded it is obvi.  There were SO many people just getting there as we were headed out.  

We actually ordered a "picnic" lunch that was hot and ready for us when we got there, but found out you are more than welcome to bring your own lunch and just chill and enjoy the day!  Of course they want you to buy some wine to enjoy with your lunch though! ;)  This was before our wine tasting though!

YAY!  For wine tasting!  You got to pick 3 different wines you wanted to taste and they told you about each of them and then you got to try them.  I'm not a HUGE wine person, and neither is Allison, but both of us found a wine that we LOVED--two of them actually!  Both dessert wines, but that's okay! ;)  
Obviously their ultimate goal of the "free wine tasting" is for your to buy wine to drink there the remainder of the day, and buy some to take home for yourself AND your friends and family! ;)
LOVE these two girls!  

Love this lil diva too! 

Not the best pic...but if you watch Nashville, you know exactly where I am!  I made them stop so I could get a pic! ;)  It is JUST like it is in the show...promise! 


We headed out for dinner at Watermark.  It was good, but I wouldn't recommend it.  A $28 steak should be the best one I've ever had...and it wasn't!  Not bad....just wasn't my fave for what I paid!  But we had fun!
Then we were headed out to the true Honky Tonk of Nashville!  This place had a great night life and I wish we would have had more time to explore, but there were SO many different places!  
This is our hotel guy Rick--very sweet guy with GREAT advice!  
There truly are "up and coming" stars just singing away at these little local places, which was so neat to me!  We stopped by a Karaoke Bar for a bit and let me just tell you--those people can SING!  It was so entertaining to just sit around and watch!
My batman building again! ;)
Of course we had to go to Coyote Ugly.  Kind of a disappointment after seeing the movie and watching the reality show.  I really thought the "Nashville" one would be TOP of the line, but we never saw a choreographed dance by the girls, which was the whole reason we went there!  Oh well...go if get the chance though!

Nashville was a blast and I'd really love to go back one day, especially to the winery!  It's a great hot spot for Bachey parties (they were EVERYWHERE!)!  

If you have any questions about something I mentioned, or something I didn't cover, feel free to e mail me!  alongfortheryde{at}yahoo{dot}com

Feel free to check out my other bachey trips to Savannah, GA and Kansas City, MO.  

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